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indycube community

Our benefits pack is tailor-made for freelancers,
sole traders, contractors & the self-employed.

IC | Community Network

  • You'll become part of a wider network of freelancers and independent workers. You'll have access to our coworking spaces and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals across the UK, as well as a profile on our website. We're a cooperative, and membership gives you an equal voice on what we do, with every member having the same weight of opinion and ownership - one member, one vote.


IC | Total Motor Assist

Members have access to Total Motor Assist, a road accident aftercare package which includes: 24/7 Freephone Helpline, vehicle recovery, vehicle repair, like-for-like replacement vehicles, private healthcare and specialist legal support.

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IC | Free Desk Day

Members get one FREE desk day per month at any of our coworking spaces. Ordinarily, a desk day costs £12 per day (more if you’re not VAT registered), so this is a real money-saver if you want to cowork. Better yet, this free desk day can be rolled on indefinitely, redeemed when we bring an Indycube space closer to you, and even passed on as a gift to someone else you think would benefit. *not applicable to desk users recieving free access to benefits pack


IC | Community Offers

A portfolio of money-saving discounts designed to support members both personally and professionally, including leisure, travel and insurances. Sign in to the Community Offers website using the Membership Number you recieved in your Welcome Email.

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IC | Invoice Factoring

In a first for freelancers and small businesses, indycube community have secured factoring services at an outstanding rate of just 2.15%. What does that mean for you, our member? It’s simple: for a small fee we can guarantee your invoices are paid - on time. The fee? Lower than you think. You can expect to pay around £108 on a £5,000 invoice. No late payments, easy cashflow management, minimal fuss.


IC | Legal Services

You'll have access to an experienced legal support team who you can call or email at any time for guidance and support. The legal team can advise on a broad range of legal issues including best practice, contracts and IP, and you'll also be able to access personal legal services at a reduced cost.


IC | Gadget Insurance

Indycube has partnered with InMyBag to offer you 15% off your gadget insurance. You can insure all your essential gadgets and portable devices (phones, laptops, iPads etc) with 15% off the quoted cost at


IC | PitStop HR

Indycube are keen to help you with your business journey and to make sure you get expert support, which is why we are offering HR support through PitStopHR as part of your membership benefits package.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'invoice factoring' mean?

51% of all invoices are paid late. We're working with Factor21 to ensure your invoices are paid on time, hassle-free. For 2.15% of your total invoice cost, (this includes 0.75% for credit insurance,) they'll guarantee your payment reaches your bank account on time and do all the chasing for you, minimising stress and managing your cashflow.

What does the legal service cover?

Full in-house legal support is available for claims within the fast track claims limit up to £25,000. Subject to Community’s merits assessment process, support may be provided for claims with a monetary value in excess of the small claims limit, by way of referral to the union’s panel solicitors.

Do I need to be a full member to use your coworking facilities?

Nope! You don't need to be a member to use our workspaces, but we think you'd benefit. So why not give it a go? After all, it only takes a minute to sign up and membership inlcudes a FREE monthly desk day.

I've signed up... Now what?

You'll have access to all your benefits via the LOGIN page. Or you can book a desk at one of our coworking sites via BOOKINGS.

How do I access my benefits?

It's simple - Just use the username and password from your registration and login to your MEMBERSHIP page.

Can I speak to someone directly?

Of course! We're a social bunch and we'd love for you to get in touch with us, whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to give feeback. You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, by email or phone.
Please be aware that existing disputes and historical debts may not qualify for our invoice factoring and legal support services.
We will, of course, do our best to advise on the best course of action, should this be the case.

Do you love to travel?

So, you have a passion for work and travel, experiencing new cultures and places? Join us and you can work from some of Wales' most beautiful locations.