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An unexpected journey to infinity (well, Walthamstow...) and beyond...

For me, it all started in Swansea back in 2012. I'd been banging the drum locally about shared workspace and had played with the idea of a multi-use work studio for years. The truth is, I couldn’t see a way forward. Rent and rates were prohibitive, there seemed to be space everywhere, but no way to access it. I'd been working with a business mentor called Jules Mallory Skinner, as well as Huw Williams who had started Swansea Creative Hub and was now freelancing for Coastal Housing.

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Our pick of indycube's top 6 idyllic Welsh coworking spots perfect for travelers.

Freelancing can take you up and down the country on various expeditions. While some independent workers travel for business, others may choose to spend a day of their holiday time wrapping up some pressing last-minute tasks. Others still may seek out exciting and interesting places to work, and where better when rambling than the Celtic landscape of Wales?

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Beginner’s Guide to Coworking

It’s a huge part of what Indycube is about, and something that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but what exactly is coworking?

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Are you ready for this jelly?

Some of our members and coworkers are already very familiar with Jelly coworking events but, for those of you that haven't had the pleasure, we thought we’d put together some info.

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Free tools and apps for indie workers, freelancers and small businesses

A catalogue of handy tools, sites and apps is essential for any indie worker or small business - and if they’re free, even better! We’ve summarised some of the best free tools for you here, from invoicing to time management and design (including some lesser known gems).

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From coworker to community member

2011 was an interesting time. It was my first attempt at freelancing, following an interesting year in London. I worked closely with another developer on a few projects, though remotely. Neither of our homes were suitable for a group workspace due to modern definitions of double rooms and the other requirements of such a space.

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Ice Cream Parlours and Coasteering: Wiard Sterk's guide to coworking

The first few months in my Connector role have been a revelation. As a (former) freelancer I thought I knew the make-up of the freelance community. However, travelling far and wide and meeting indycubers in a variety of locations has shown me that there’s much more to independent working than meets the eye...

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Why I love indycubing, and just what is it anyway? Member Post by Anne Collis

Yes, I know indycube is a proper noun not a verb. But indycube is much more than that. It really is more of a verb than a static noun! It starts with two nouns – the network of physical co-working spaces and membership of Indycube CBS Ltd.

But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

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Get paid on time, every time.

Did you know the word 'freelancer' originated from medieval knights who would kill evildoers for the King and then not get paid for eight months!? When we set up Indycube Community, we stopped and asked ourselves, what's changed for freelancers since then?

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Welcome to Indycube Community, supporting freelancers, contractors, homeworkers and the self-employed

Indycube is a Community Benefit Society that offers a membership package to address the precarious nature of self-employment, freelance working and the gig economy. We started in Wales in 2010 and now operate across the UK connecting people and places, having developed a network of coworking spaces that supports freelancers and micro businesses. Coworking helps our users to stay within their local communities, preserving their money, talent, and enthusiasm for use in the local economy.

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